The Kindness War

January 1, 2021

On this first day of the new year, I asked our neighbors across the street, Max, an actor, and Paige, a costume designer, if I could take their portrait with their dog Reggie (job title: Watcher of my humans).

You see we have entered into a Kindness War during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Like most wars, it’s hard to really remember what started it all.

A friendly hello and a wave shortly turned into a few long talks in the front yard once the lockdown started in March of 2020. And then it was Chanukah, and I always make potato latkes on Chanukah. I was just not really feeling it this year, when a text came from Max wishing us a Happy Chanukah, Christmas and New Year. A few days later on the 4th day of Chanukah, my inner Bubbee (as Matt likes to tease) kicked in, and I was cooking potato latkes.

I sent a text…..

“Hey, are you guys home? I have fresh latkes coming off the stove in a few. Can we bring you some?” The gift was accepted, and Matt was sent over with a plate of fried latkes fresh off the stove.

Two days later, Paige sent Max over with homemade apple pie, but Matt upped them by handing over a bottle of his homemade ginger ale. Max commented that we had started a Kindness War and they were going to make this even.

A couple days after Christmas, Matt was channeling his inner Bubbie, and whipped up some matzah-ball-chicken-soup and promptly took some over to Max and Paige exclaiming that there would be no getting even, but they were ready for us, and shoved a bowl of homemade chili into our possession.

And here we are, the first day of the new year, ending what is probably the hardest year in all of our lives, with kindness.

Happy New Year everyone, may you find, and give, more kindness in the world this year.

…………..Few more outtakes from the photoshoot below….

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COVID-19 Pandemic… JANUARY 1, 2021

Photo © Jennifer Emery 

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